About This Site

About This Site

Acro Media is a digital experience consulting firm specialized in open source frameworks. By leveraging Drupal and Drupal Commerce we empower businesses to adapt the technology for their existing business systems and create ideal experiences for their customers.

Drupal is well known as a world-class content management system and often thought of for content based sites: blogs, news, multimedia outlets, edu. What people don’t realize is the abilities of Drupal Commerce and the power of utilizing both.  A strong cohesive journey between content and commerce is vitally important as online consumers purchase based on product specs, video demos/tutorials, user experience, reviews and more.

We developed the Urban Hipster demo for two purposes:

  1. Showcase the core functionality of Drupal 8 and Commerce 2 and how it stacks up against commerce platforms to establish the validity of open source in the commerce industry. 
  2. Utilize it as an environment to develop new features and modules that enhance the core and show off the true power of content & commerce. 

We will continue to update the site accordingly with new core releases and new features that come directly from our in-house R&D team.